Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meg Serenade

Meg shows off her singing skills and Alina adds some backup moves! Can you tell we listen to the Glee Soundtrack often????

However the boys did not want to be left out of the action!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alina's birthday

Alina turned 4 on Sunday. Because it was her first real birthday party, we celebrated with friends and lots and lots of pink. Pink cake, pink balloons, pink table cloth... pink everywhere. What struck me was she didn't know what to do with the cake when we put it before her with the candles burning and started singing. She just looked at me. So I had to show her how to blow the candles out. She did know what to do with the big plate of cake and ice cream we gave to her though. All the kids were on a sugar high!

Well in keeping with the theme of this blog, some highlights of the week...

Every night we settle into the living room to watch a show, sometimes Scooby Doo, sometimes American Idol or Extreme Home Makeover. Whatever the show, Noah always gets everyone their own blanket so they are comfortable. Last week Noah was all settled in a chair when he realized he didn't have a blanket and was cold. He said "I need someone to get me a blanket, every night I get everyone blankets and now someone needs to get me one!!!" Caleb gets up and looks and Noah and say "ok" then disappears into their bedroom for a minute. Finally Caleb comes walking back into the living room carrying a stack of blankets, piled high up over his head. He stops right in front of Noah's chair and then opens his arms and dumps them right no Noah "There" he says "were even".

Caleb is having a very minor issue regarding keeping his underpants clean/dry. Not a big deal, but it sometimes drives me crazy. The other day after another VERY minor accident I said to him "Caleb, you need to work on this". He looked me right in the face and said "Mom, maybe you should work on loving me the way I am. This is how God made me." Really, what was I going to say to that?!?!?!? All I could think of was "Okay, we'll now both have things to work on"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't bite the hand that feeds you...

Caleb is VERY wise...

This morning the boys were laying on the living room floor watching cartoons in their pj's before school. I got the school clothes for everyone and came into the living room and said "Hey guys, I need you to get dressed" Noah stood up and jokingly said "Okay, okay, you don't have to be SO BOSSY"

I gave him a "did you really just say that??" type of look

Noah laughs and says "I am just joking" and proceeds to walk past me to get his clothes. While walking past me, I playfully smacked his butt. He falls down laughing and says to Caleb, who had been just watching tv this whole time, "Caleb, Caleb, tell mom she is bossy!! TELL HER SHE IS BOSSY!!"

Caleb glances from the tv to me, then looks at Noah... stares at him for a second and then, with a smirk on his face and staring Noah right in the eye, Caleb says "I love you mom"

He's not even 5 and already knows that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

repost from our adoption blog

While Todd was in Ukraine bringing Alina home, I posted about some of the funny things he missed on this side of the world. Reposting here to keep these things together!

So while everyone is being inspired by Todd and his adventures, I thought I would offer some entertainment by sharing how I am spending my days. Being a single mom to 3 young kids is hard work!

The other day we were talking about all the things we were going to show Alina when she comes home. Then I said "What is the first thing you are going to tell her?" Noah responded "Hi, I am your brother!! This is your house!! We love you." Caleb responsed "I am going to tell her just who is boss around here" I gave him a dirty look... Caleb continued "it's you mom, obviously it is you"

The boys have the chore of feeding the dog. Caleb feeds her in the morning, Noah feeds her at night. You would think that each day they are just finding out that this is their chore, because of the dramatic reaction it causes. You would also think, from their reaction, that feeding the dog includes hunting, killing and skinning a wild animal for the dog to eat... not walking 10 steps to the garage to scooop a cup of food. Anyway... the other day I told Caleb to feed the dog. His usual end of the world reaction was given. Noah chimes in "Hey Caleb, pretty soon we won't have to feed the dog as much. Meggie and Alina can help" I said "What?" Noah continues "Well I think Meggie and Alina can help out and have some chores. They can feed the dog sometimes." Me: "oh really" Noah "yeah, that is only fair" Me: "Alina and Meg will have their own chores... they will have their own, very important chores" Noah: "Well, what are they going to do???" Me: "Meg and Alina are responsible for making sure you and Caleb feed the dog!" Noah stormed off, I think he was still angry when I picked him up from school about 8 hours later that day.

Today we cleaned the playroom. The goals was to box us all the baby toys, since we don't have any more babies in this house. Why is it that toys that haven't been touched in months suddenly become favorites when the idea of parting with them is brought up? I found a big bin of baby toys and as I started to sort through them, Caleb came running over. I had a rainbow colored stuffned animal of some sort... it lookes like a cross between an elephant and a was going in the garage sale box. Caleb; "Oh Mom, you put that in the wrong box. We are keeping it." Caleb: "Oh no we are not! That is my favorite!" Me: "Really, when is the last time you played with it? I found it at the bottom of this toy bin" Caleb: "It is a treasure. I keep it there away from Meg and Noah... I play with it when they are not around and then I hide it so that they don't break it (keep in mind it is stuffed)" I laugh and say "really, how long have you been doing this?" Caleb responds "as far back as I can remember... since I was 3." (He turned 4 last Sunday, 3 was last week for him!!!)

We measure the kids on the basement wall to see how big they are getting. I measured them last week. This morning Caleb asked me to measure him again. I asked him why. Caleb "I think I grew this week" Me: "Really, what makes you think that?" Caleb: "My feet... they are much further away from the rest of me than they use to be"

While cleaning the playroom I decided it was time to get rid of the HUGE bin of little people and little people houses, farms, mainstreet and such. I love the little people, but the kids never seem interested. Noah sees them in the get rid side of the room. Noah: "Mom, you aren't getting rid of the Little People are you?" Me: "Yep" Noah: "Why would you do that? I love them." Me "You never play with them" Noah: "Why don't you like the little people?" Me "I do like them, you guys never play with them" Noah "But why don't YOU like them?" Me " I DO like them" Noah: "If you like them then why are you getting rid of them? If you are getting rid of things you like, maybe I am next!!" Me: "No, I am not putting you in the garage sale" Noah "Then do you not like them because they are little?" Me "What?" Noah "I hear you say we should love everyone, it shouldn't matter how big or LITTLE they are... so if you don't like them because they are little...well that isn't kind" Me "Noah it has nothing to do with their size, it has to do with the fact that YOU NEVER PLAY WITH THEM!!! Besides we are talking about toys, not real people" Noah (shaking his head in disgust) "They can't help that they are little mom, that is the way God made them."

So the end of the story is that the basement is clean and the Little people have been moved to a very comfortable and accessible corner of the basement, ready for that one time in the next 5 years when my kids want to play with them!!!

That is what is happening on this side of the world!!

Facebook status' about the kids

These have all been shared on facebook, but wanted to move them here to keep them all together on this blog. It was fun to compile them, I had forgotten so many!!

In the words of my almost 6 year old who just left the room on his way to bed... "Good Night and Big Balls!!!" (please note this is from Wipeout... it really is not inappropriate although it may sound like it from a not even 6 year old!!) Noah, summer 2009

the #1 way you know you watch WAY too much reality tv in your house...when asked to pick up their toys you overhear your 4 year old ask the 5 year old if he wants to "join in a secret alliance against her" Caleb to Noah, summer 2009

to my darling Noah...if you have any hope of seeing your 6th birthday you'll remove the phrase "My problem with this dinner is..." from your vocabulary. Just a suggestion.

I spent the afternoon with Noah after his first day of kindergarden, at the end of our adventure he said "mom I am always gonna remember this day." I said yep starting Kindergarden is a big day and he said "well that too...but mostly cause it was the best day ever just me and you" So what if he insults my dinners and forms alliances against me! Noah, August 2009

Noah made last night at the dinner table when he went to take his first bite of chicken and put his fork down and asked "Mom this chicken I am going to eat... how did it die? and is it in heaven?" Then he didn't really eat it.. I am not sure what I'll do with a 5 year old vegetarian! Noah, September 2009

Noah told me this morning that Wednesday's are his favorite day of the school week because "we get out early and then I can get on with my day" I am not sure what exactly a not even 6 year old has to do but apparently it is enough that an extra hour makes all the difference! Noah, September 2009

Last night as I tucked Caleb into bed he thanked me for being his mom. I thanked him for being my Caleb to which he quickly replied "huh? Well I didnt really have a choice!!" He is the king of the backhanded compliment Caleb, September 2009

"Mom remember that book you read me about Jesus who does miracles???? The Bible?? that was Awesome!" Caleb Hollis = the next Chris Farley (with hopefully a much better ending) Caleb, September 2009

"Mom when I get bigger I am going to have my own funhouse and drive from festival to festival and take tickets from the people. But not from you can go for free... as long as no one else with tickets is waiting." Caleb, age 4, aspiring Carnie October 2009

Noah: "Mom I have a dinner request...I am requesting that you don't cook it!" (he then sees the look on my face) "what I mean is you work so hard...I meant you need a night off... I meant... oh boy...I love you mom" Noah, October 2009

Caleb just daid "mom I love you from here to the tv and back" I said "the tv? thats not very far" to which he responded "well if you make pizza for dinner it will be from here to the van outside" Anyone know the number for Dominos??? October 2009

Caleb's observation for the day "Oscar the Grouch freaks me out. I mean he is ALWAYS grouchy, he LOVES trash and he has a pet worm. Something is obviously not right with that guy!!!" October 2009

Today at school Noah had to make a puppet of his best friend. He made a Caleb puppet. His comment "Mom it is really awesome that my brother and my best fiend are the same person!" October 2009

"You know when we got to soccer on Saturday and saw the yellow team they didn't look that tough. But once they started playing I knew... I knew they had God on their side!" Noah on why his soccer team (age 4-6) lost to the yellow team October 2009

Caleb just asked me if I miss being young. I said "not really" and he replied "Oh is that because you can't remember that far back?" November 2009

Dr Update..Noah got his shot first and screamed his head off! Took 5 nurses to hold him down. Caleb was up next, jumped up on the table said "I'll be fine" when the nurse went to hold him, laughed when they gave hm the shot then jumped down and said "didn't hurt a bit" while smirking at Noah. Little brother had to so up big brother for once! November 2009

Our neighbors mom passed away. I sent the boys over to deliver a card. I said "Caleb you hand them the card and Noah you say "I'm sorry"" Noahs eyes got big and he said "No Way am I saying sorry!!! I dont want her to think I did it!!!" November 2009

Noah said tonight "mom God let me pick my mom...and I chose you. I love you mom" I melted into a puddle of tears. Who cares that my house is falling apart and I took a paycut at work...this kid is going to have an amazing Christmas! November 2009

Watching Burgermeister Meisterburger with the kids... it was just the part where Burgermeister burns the kids toys and Caleb says "I've been watching this show my entire life and I even knew this part was coming, but I keep watching hoping that guy makes a better choice this time. Once again he's let me down" Nothing like being disappointed by a Christmas Cartoon character December 2009

Caleb just said he's going to wear his Halloween costume (Freddie from scooby gang) to my work Christmas party tonight. He'll go as Freddie, see Santa, collect any treats and goodies then head to the car, change and do it all again as Caleb. His rationale, "I get twice as much stuff, will confuse Santa into thinking Freddie lives with us and then we’ll get twice as many presents!” this kid always has an angle December 2009

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I don't feel any older than yesterday but Caleb assured me this morning that I most certainly LOOK older than yesterday! December 2009

Caleb said today that when he gets older he is going to have some kids then adopt kids with Down Syndrome. He is going to name the first 2 girls he adopts Meg and Alina so that his kids can know what it is like to grow up with fun sisters... and then he added "and because I always want a Meg and Alina in my house...even when I have my own house" December 2009

Took the boys to see Alvin & Chimpmunks and in the movie Cousin Toby cracks the big screen tv with his controller while Wii bowling. I whispered to Caleb "hmmm, I know someone else who did that" and he stood up & yelled "I don't know what you are talking about, MOM!!! I did NOT crack the tv during Wii Bowling!!!!" Then he settled back into his chair waited a minute and leaned over and said “I cracked it during Wii baseball” December 2009

Noah said today that my hair is "big and sexy" I said "WHAT????" and he said "big and sexy just like the can of stuff in your bathroom says!!" When asked he said he does not know what it means...just that the can of hair stuff says "big and sexy". Lesson for the day...I need to switch to something with a kid friendly name, like Paul Mitchell or Suave December 2009

Caleb just told me that I probably will not be at his wedding because "you're kind of old and you'll be dead by then" He'll regret that someday... maybe even today... when I send him to bed without dinner! January 2010

Caleb's favorite prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the Lord my soul to keep. Angel's watch me through the night and help me WIN THE TICKLE FIGHT!" we just completed a 35 min tickle fight...I am exhausted! January 2010

Listenin to Johnny Cash tonight, song (cry, cry, cry) says "Every one knows where you go when the sun goes down..." Caleb says "Is this guy for real??? of course he knows where they bed! Where else would they go at night???? This song is ridiculous!!" January 2010

sitting down to lunch Caleb "Mom would you be mad if I said I don't want Ravioli for lunch?" Me "Yep" Caleb "Well good thing I didn't say that then! (sighs) Great lunch mom, thanks" January 2010